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"One Aim, One Destiny,
                    One Love, One Speaker"

             "Drive your enemies out of the room"


RIP Steve Jameson

Sad to hear of the recent departure of Steve Jameson, bass player with World Domination Enterprises and much more.
Fare thee well.

Herewith, a crazy attempt to record the glory days of modern popular music epitomized by Street Level Studios, Fuck Off Reckords and their various enterprises.

As I've delved further into this I've come to realise that the enthusiasm, love and hard work that Kif Kif and JB put into Fuck Off is astounding - they've undoubtedly done far more for bad music than anyone. Quite the feat. Combined with the work of Grant, José, Corrina, Twink, Annie and others at Street Level, they enabled the release of a vast volume of sounds that the world wasn't at all waiting for; we should all be glad they made the effort.

This world is a much better place with this beautiful madness in it.

There's a lot to be done to get all the information up here. I'm working on it and I'll flesh this out with a timeline and history as best I can soon.

Some of the content here was originally posted on the internet by Steve Gillitt, but his site seems to have expired. Anyone with a passing interest of all things Street Level should be thankful to Steve for the information he made available and kicking off the idea of compiling a Street Level - ography. If his site pops up again, or anyone has a problem with this, I shall remove my efforts.

This is organic. Be Here Now.

"In my more optimistic moments, I still believe music can be the beacon, magnet, catalyst, prism, transformer for moving us out of the shitty mess we're in at the moment into what, for want of a better term, might possibly be the New Age."